Show closing candles of the 1hr timeframe

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I tried copying and removing certain things from other scripts to do what i need but i can't get anything to work because i can't code anything. Please help me with a script that just prints the closing price of the last 2 candles of the 1hr time frame. Just the last 2. So when a 3rd 1hr candle closes,the 1st out of the 3 doesn't show. Thank you anyone,please.


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Not tested this much, but is this what you are after?

# Display hourly close of previous two bars
def ClosedBar =  close(period = AggregationPeriod.HOUR);
AddLabel(yes and ClosedBar[2], "2 Bars Back: " +ClosedBar[2]+ " ", Color.Cyan);
AddLabel(yes and ClosedBar[1], "1 Bar Back: " +ClosedBar[1]+ " ", Color.Cyan);
plot x = ClosedBar;

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