Send Alert from Watchlist when Custom Study is Triggered?


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Quick question, I'm using a paper trade account for now. I have created my own watchlist with a custom column that includes just a basic, custom made study(?) that displays either a 1 or a 0 when it meets some technical indicators criteria. What I'm wondering is, is it possible to receive a one time alert whenever a stock in this column "plots" a 1?

The code for this column looks like this:
plot Woohoo = If(AccelerationDecelerationOsc() > 0 and
    AccelerationDecelerationOsc() > AccelerationDecelerationOsc() from 1
                                                            bar ago and
     AccelerationDecelerationOsc() > 0 and

    RateOfChange() > Min(RateOfChange() from 1 bar ago, RateOfChange() from 2 bar ago) and

    VolumeRateOfChange() > VolumeRateOfChange() from 1 bar ago and
    VolumeRateOfChange() > 0 and

    ((ATR() > ATR() from 1 bar ago) or (ATR() < Max(ATR() from 1 bar ago, ATR() from 5 bar ago))) and

    close > vwap() and

    close > Average(close, 9),

"true value" = 1, "false value" = 0);

Woohoo.AssignValueColor(if Woohoo == 1 then Color.GREEN else Color.RED);

def condition = if Woohoo == 1 then 1 else 0;
Alert(condition, GetSymbol(), Alert.ONCE);

As you see, if the stock meets some criteria, display a green 1 in the watchlist, or a red 0 if not, which currently works fine. Then, I added what I think is the default alert code beneath it, but I didn't receive any alerts when I added this in. What I did not try, was leaving the desktop software open all day to monitor and then receive the push notifications on my phone's ToS app, but maybe I need to?

Hoping someone can tell me if this is even possible or not, or what else I could try? Thanks!


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You may have to convert this into a scanner, save the scanner as a watchlist, and then get alerted for new changes there.

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