Poll: What indicators are you guys using?


Can we have a poll kind of thread to check which indicators people are using successfully. Users could add info on how they are using them, plus any insights/experiences.

It helps to have this info in one thread, instead of chasing the info in many threads, never knowing what you missed.
I have recently started using these so will be able to give feedback in a week or so . so far I like the trend reversal , rsi fractal and will be trying advanced market maker this week. Cant wait for you to release bowl wrap . sounds interesting.
I've been using the Opening Range Breakout that ben posted above. I also like to mark off the levels from the wolf waves indicator for some support/resistance levels. Currently testing out the RSI Fractal indicator, advanced market maker, and trend exhaustion indicators. 😁
I use trend reversal, super trade reversal and the wave trend oscillator. Just loaded the Opening Range Breakout this evening and will start testing this week.
New to the group, so I don't have anything as of yet but am curious to see what has been working for those that have been in here a while!
Auto Pivot points and 123 Pattern help avoid drawing trend line. And Reversal marker for confirmation.

That Integrate to hurst cycle and elliot wave. (use to draw trend line manually before, this save time)
I have been using the advance market moves, Gaussian wave with the thandicator took two small SwingTrades one bullish and bearish that winners - still testing.
I have been trading for nearly 40 years and yet I am still learning things. My investing style can be called Techno-Fundamentalist a.k.a. CANSLIM.

It is not just the indicator but also the chart type that is important to me.
Whether a person buys with an expectation of holding for years, or they purchase options during expiration week, multiple time frames are important.
  • 5 year-weekly chart uses Candles, ThinkorSwim's built in MOBO Basic w HullMA(20) and a 47 week EMA.
  • 3 year-weekly Bar Chart colored by the Slim Ribbon indicator, the RSI Laguerre w Fractal Energy (FE) and TMO (Time Momentum Oscillator).
  • One year-daily chart uses the Heiken Ashi Candles, Slim Ribbon, RSI Laguerre w FE, and TMO.
  • 30 day-one hour chart Heiken Ashi Candles, Slim Ribbon, RSI Laguerre w FE and Pivots.
  • Last but not least, is a New Hi-New Low chart that tracks the NYSE.
Those are the main pieces anyway…
Auto Pivot points and 123 Pattern help avoid drawing trend line. And Reversal marker for confirmation.

That Integrate to hurst cycle and elliot wave. (use to draw trend line manually before, this save time)

What do you use for Hurst Cycle and Elliot Wave?
I'm new here and finding this website to be very helpful. I have only been trading options for about 8 months now, only SPX at the moment until I get more experience.
I'm using
(upper) Trend Reversal Indicator, 5&10 SMA, 45 SMA, Bollinger band...
(lower) RSI, MacD, SuperPassBandFilter.
5 min chart - day trader
{ I was using 2 Bollinger bands, 1st no change & 2nd one I changed to 3SD but I wanted a more cleaner chart so I took one off.}
Thank you for having me and for all the time everyone takes out to post material and to help others.
I use RSI, EMA, SMI and S/R lines. My entry point is based on higher time frame analysis with double confirmations.

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