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Here are some of the indicators I use every day

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The swing wave indicator catches waves and subsets of waves hi/lo on all timeframes and seems accurate. The accumulation is accurate a modified stochastic a slow D so this works on all time frames of course and accurately plots highs when both lines come together at the top. The Fisher Stochastic found on site I like very much. Hope that helps. https://usethinkscript.com/threads/...ajor-sells-that-are-overbought-oversold.2592/
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I always test much of what I find, the link here to a good read: I substituted the fisher stochastic with a modified fisher histogram
https://usethinkscript.com/threads/...ajor-sells-that-are-overbought-oversold.2592/ The purple arrows are the swing wave hi/lo on 15 min chart. The large red arrows are the upper RAF study and then the clouds. https://tos.mx/z2jR7aa


Daily Apple

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Well, I couldn't be more satisfied with these grids I put together.


hi @J007RMC, may i know how to change the candlestick colour like the one u shared here? And does the arrow or point in the swing waves repaint? Lastly, do u use the accumulation/distribution indicator as another confirmation of the signal from the swing wave? Thank u
Sure go-to style, settings then appearance, then choose your color fills and body colors
The 2 min chart using swing waves works well although I missed it was watching aaple on a 15 min today so I'll adust and keep a 2 min in my grid..


@Tradervic Try this mine are set for 30 min but should take all time frames.. I just add a stock filter choose last and set your minimum stock price also can choose SP 500 or whatever then all stocks.

Yes, I do. Swing waves If used on smaller times frames 2-15 min does not bother me really it tells a story.
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I'd suggest doing more research on what they're used for. Waves are not buy/sell signals
Well, honestly they are buying signals depending on the time frames higher time frames larger waves to buy and sell. Lower time frames equal wave subsets within the smaller time frames easily bought and sold by counts of wave 1-5 ie time frames 2-15 on a single chart where the 2min lets you know if a wave has fallen out of its channel during the trade. 5 min considered short and the 15 min will be the long time frame. The thing is we have to wait for a wave to for via points labeled 1-5.

Dis 5 min time frame

BA 15 min time frame
waves 4-5 considered the sweet spot really, then we wait for another 1 wave to form then rinse and repeat.

Really all the swing wave indicator does for me is to confirm swing highs and lo's but that too can trade for buys and calls depending on your time frame. Say, daily yes will need to wait longer of course so when a high/low pivot sets those are the tops and bottoms of waves too.
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