Option Greeks In ThinkOrSwim


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I'm currently trying to figure out how ThinkOrSwim calculates the greeks and Implied Volatility. If anyone has any insight on how it does this and would share, I would be very greatful.

here are some links on option greeks that might help

options data, greeks, delta, theta,

Black Scholes Options Model by Mobius for ThinkorSwim
Jul 10, 2019

Here are some threads that mention the SeriesVolatility function


Option Greeks Calculation Labels for ThinkorSwim
Jul 25, 2019

options, 2nd order greeks



2nd order greeks

Options Greeks: Vanna, Charm, Vomma, DvegaDtime



option basics

xls file
calc greeks
In this chapter we start with building a simple Excel spreadsheet that will us allow us to hedge Gamma and Vega exposure for a single short position in a call option contract.

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I haven't even tried this one yet, as I'm pretty sure ill just disappoint myself even further when it comes to being an old fart that doesn't know what the F*$k is going on when it comes to coding... I use the options charts along with the underlying next to it. Im wondering if its possible to have a delta label on the option chart that shows what the current delta is of whatever option I have on the chart at the time, as opposed to having to go the the option chain and looking for the option to see what the current delta is as its always changing. Thanks to all you fellers who have helped me out before, and anyone who might try to help me in the future!
this will show 4 option stats, of the option symbol on the chart.
delta, theta, gamma, vega
in edit studies, can choose yes/no to display each one

# option_stats_0

input show_delta = yes;
input show_theta = yes;
input show_gamma = yes;
input show_vega = yes;

def d = delta();
addlabel(show_delta, "Delta " + d, color.yellow);

def t = theta();
addlabel(show_theta, "Theta " + t, color.yellow);

def g = gamma();
addlabel(show_gamma, "Gamma " + g, color.orange);

def v = vega();
addlabel(show_vega, "Vega " + v, color.orange);
Halcyonguy, no doubt! you sure replied fast enough that you make that **** look easy...I surely do appreciate ya guy!

Interesting...only watching it for a little bit so far I realize that while most of the time the deltaLabel is within 2 cents of the delta listed on the option chain, there are times when its way the hell off...i see you used the predetermined Delta condition in the code...does that mean there is not much else that can be done to that parameter? Im not sure why it wouldnt be even close at times and within 2 cents or so at others...either way thanks again whether you mess with it or not!
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