Multi-Time Frame True Momentum Oscillator (MTF) for ThinkorSwim


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This TMO indicator as well as the TMO with Higher Aggregation both work really well. But what works especially well, at least for me, is using both at the same time. On 1m charts I'll use both the 1m TMO and the 5m TMO. On 5m I'll use the 5m and the 15m. Entering when both are either green or red has become part of my core strategy.

The only problem with this is it's not always easy to notice the matching colors until it's too late.

Would it be possible to somehow merge both scripts so that a label can displayed and/or an alert can sound when both TMO's are pointing the same way?
@Yo Adrian make your way over to the OneNote and search under JQ or Nube. I trust you will find a variation there.


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Can multi time frame TMO be created using 2 or even 3 tick (range) charts.
Thanks in advance
I was wondering the same thing , did you have any luck with your question ? I use mostly range bar charts myself and Mobius original post works on both the range bar and tick charts but the multi time frame ones do not for some reason I don't know about .


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"Since Tick charts do not use time as the basis, the following limiations are applied:
Studies that reference secondary aggregations of less than 1 day may not work properly on tick charts.

Read: Time&Tick:
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