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Mission Control Setup for ThinkorSwim


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Here is a Mission Control Grid for Day Traders by Hammond_B3


Sorry, not my choice of color! Now, as to what is it... it's a Day Traders Mission Control just like the title says. There are no external notes I could find.

Review each study, find out what they do and if they can be helpful to you.

Best I can tell you is that top left is A/D for each index, Middle is a $TICK counter (never used one), top right is Volume for each index. All of the studies that are hiding in the 3 lower grids would have to be opened and investigated.


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To maximize an individual cell, left click on that cell and choose Maximize Cell :D
If anyone would like to chime in on this Dashboard, please do. Some of you /ES traders may know how to best use this. Thanks, Markos.
I think if you can use it and make money then definitely use it! Years ago, I had something similar and between all the flashing colors, labels and bells and whistles going off, it felt like being at the circus.

I think having something color-coded and using only an indicator or two makes much more sense for me. And with interest rates at 1,000 year lows and dramatic rise in passive index funds, dont think the old indicators help me that much.
@Gametheory I google this for you. Google has over 3 million results explaining Market Internal Ratios. Where none of these clear to you?

There have been some studies that suggest that it is not the actual strategy that retail investors use that determines whether or not they will be successful but rather their ability to do research and their ability to apply that research.
Thank you for help out

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