Looking for indicators related to Volume, Market Profile, and Market Internals



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Hi Markos thanks for your reply...

From left to the right:

1) VOLUME: Color comes from previous volume bar comparison, GREEN if there're more buyers than sellers and the volume increases in relation with the previous volume bar and RED if there're more sellers than buyers with volume increasing in relation with previous volume bar
2) PROFILE: volume in the profile, meaning if there is more volume in the in the top half of the distribution yields a “p” shape, which favors higher prices. More volume in the bottom half of the distribution forms a “b” shape, which favors lower prices. (skewness). So Profile color comes from the correlation between profile shape (p,b or D) and VWAP slope (bias). GREEN if profile 'p' and VWAP rising, and RED if profile 'b' and VWAP falling. Also GRAY with balanced 'D' profile and VWAP neutral.
3) Trend: means that the price is below or above the vwap. Trend color comes from VWAP slope, GREEN rising and RED falling.
4) ALERT: it is green or red meaning there is a correlation between ES and ADSPD (in my case NQ y and ADNDD). Up correlation green , down correlation RED.

5) VOL: label of ($VOLNDD/$TVOLND). Green positive and RED negative, meaning more volume for the up and down in the stocks respectively. IM READY WITH THIS
6) A-D: label of ($ADNDD/100). Green positive meaning that is advancing and red negative data meaning that is declining
7) TICK: label of ($TIKND/100). Green positive RED negative like the symbol in TOS. IM READY WITH THIS
8) ALERT: when all the previous internals are green or red, show you an alert.

The image is in the following link : https://ibb.co/0DrkLY8

Thanks for your time man, I really appreciate


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@drakoniano - Were you able to get those indicators? I am still trying to figure out the Profile part


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Hello @drakoniano! Have you managed to make any progress with the tag code? Could you share it? Thank you very much!

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