Looking For Help: Creating Bearish Engulfing with MACD Histogram Strategy



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Hello ThinkScript Community,

I am new here, I recently discovered this community. Awesome to see members sharing their custom scripts with one another. I was wondering if someone could help create this pattern: So what I am looking for is a full candle reversal during an uptrend. The red candle must close equal to or below the previous green candle's open price. In addition, the MACD Histogram must change colors from bright green to dark green. Is it possible to have this done on multiple time frames (ex: 5M, 15M, 30M etc.) I am looking to use this pattern script to create a custom scan alert in TOS. Please let me know if you would like me to provide screenshots (via email) for reference.

Thank you so much!


Here is a study I have that will show the engulfing candle_Pattern with a label you might be able to use this as a starting point, the rest is up to you but your concept it interesting to get a multi signal approach to your strategy which I really like and look for myself

Hugh_TOS_EngulfingStudy_Pattern https://tos.mx/c1csOJs

add these to it as well and maybe they will help too

LB_MACD_forUpperChart https://tos.mx/TI0JuyS

My_MACD_Crossover_moveable https://tos.mx/JPi9bhX

I use orange arrows with the dots and hide the lines to see the MACD crossover on the chart easier. I also use the 8,16,5 EMA settings for the MACD they are a little faster and I like them for shorter term trades better just my thing

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