It's Trader's Appreciation Day 🎉

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Happy Trader's Appreciation Day!

This was inspired by TastyWorks' Trader's Appreciation Day which happened last week. They offered commission-free trades to everyone on their platform. It was great!

Sidenote: TastyWorks (TW) is "an options brokerage for the active trader". They offer a great trading platform with extremely low fees ($1 per contract, round trip, $10 max). Here's my referral link if you want to sign up :)

I posted this in the chatroom...


So here we are. Today is the day to celebrate you, a member of our community.

Introducing FTR 📈

Shortly after this announcement, I will be releasing an indicator called FTR (Failed to Return). It’s a candle pattern that I read from here. This trading pattern receives a lot of positive feedback from the Forex community so I thought you guys may be able to take advantage of it.

It looks something like this:


Get Ready for Even More Indicators 😄

Starting next week, I will be releasing one custom indicator each week (it could be on a Wednesday or Friday). The upcoming releases were heavily inspired by different trading strategies, concepts, and patterns. I think you guys will enjoy them very much. Also, no more pre-release dates. Everyone will get their hands on the script as soon as it’s out!


Here's Your Chance to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card 🎟

Want to win an Amazon gift card? Just comment down below a favorite indicator you have found on this site (doesn't have to be one, could be many) and/or what kind of indicators you hope to see in the future. While you're at all, share your feedback about the forum. I would greatly appreciate it.

You have until midnight of Monday, September 2nd, to submit your entry.

Thank you! 🙏

Last but not least, I just want to express my gratitude. Thank you for being a member of our forum, for asking questions, and for sharing your knowledge. I'm excited to continue this journey with you all.🍻


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Wow, Thank you. My favorite indicator is ofcource the AMM. I would like to see future ones around fibs and smarter supply/resistance/demand zones.
I like TMO, RSI_Laguerre and looking at Three_X_oscillator. This is the best site I've found. Many thanks.
Those are my bread and butter. I guess Mobius had traders like us in mind when he made those indis... awesome stuff. And, Benten, I wouldn't have made the money I made in the past month without your site. Thanks for what you do and I'm glad to take part in the community.
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Fantastic Work, I like the AMM indicator, and would love to see an Advanced TTM Squeeze that shows entry/exit points by way of showing confirmed movement either up or down.
I am still working with the VWAP breakout and the ORB indicator but looking at others too. Wonderful work and community on here.
Absolutely love this site! My favorites so far are Ultimate RSI and TMO. Can't wait to try AMM and Enhanced Trend Reversal next.
I love this site. So far I really like the Enhanced Trend Reversal and Trendlines. Thank you to everyone for all the hard work you put into this site.
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