How to import existing thinkScript code on ThinkorSwim



If somebody shared with you a block of code to use on ThinkorSwim, most likely that's a thinkScript code. This means you will have to import it manually into ThinkorSwim in order for it to turn into an actual indicator.

For beginners, importing some plain code into a software is difficult. This tutorial should walk you through that process.

How to Import thinkScript code in ThinkorSwim platform

  • 1. Launch ThinkorSwim from your computer
  • 2. Click on Studies (should be near the top right hand corner)
  • 3. Edit Studies > Create
  • 4. Give your indicator a name
  • 5. Copy and paste the thinkScipt code into the thinkScript Editor
  • 6. Click Ok
  • 7. Click Apply
And now from a simple block of code, you just turn it into an indicator.

Some screenshots just in case you need extra assistance.

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