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How to import existing thinkScript code on ThinkorSwim


If somebody shared with you a block of code to use on ThinkorSwim, most likely that's a thinkScript code. This means you will have to import it manually into ThinkorSwim in order for it to turn into an actual indicator.

For beginners, importing some plain code into a software is difficult. This tutorial should walk you through that process.

How to Import thinkScript code in ThinkorSwim platform

  • 1. Launch ThinkorSwim from your computer
  • 2. Click on Studies (should be near the top right hand corner)
  • 3. Edit Studies > Create
  • 4. Give your indicator a name
  • 5. Copy and paste the thinkScipt code into the thinkScript Editor
  • 6. Click Ok
  • 7. Click Apply
And now from a simple block of code, you just turn it into an indicator.

Some screenshots just in case you need extra assistance.



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I go to the suggested indicators but all is see is coding and no url to put into think or swim

Welcome to use thinkscript! If you are new to trading, please read through our very comprehensive Tutorials. Also, at the top of your thinkorswim program there is a tab called Education. Please read that over and watch the videos. Reading is essential!
It is very important that you learn to walk before you can run.

When you are on TOS, please use PAPERMoney for a number of years. Focus on one concept at a time.
If you are going to jump into the deep end of the pool, please be sure you fully understand the concepts. This is the ultimate video game but it can be very dangerous for even the most experienced trader. You will generally be better off saving code to a program called Notepad++ to keep your codes in. (Free Download)

The links are nice, but they expire and if you put a link in for a Market Watch Column, you can't ever delete it.


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As chance would have it, I made a gif to help some friends. Probably redundant but some people like movies!



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I have successfully pasted code, but am struggling when I import a thinkscript. I followed the video, yet when I hit "Import" I cannot figure out where to find the Thinkscript.


@AlphaWCX There should be a popup right after telling you what the imported script is being saved under. If you go to the User Defined section in your ThinkorSwim, you should be able to find it.


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