How to Disable Chart Drawing Synchronization


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Multiple time frame junkie looking to disable automatic synchronization across various charts for the same ticker symbol. As you can see, by altering the minute chart, the last candle on the daily and weekly are nearly unreadable **due to the channel / trendlines.

TDAmeritrade outlines how to enable/disable chart synchronization but I couldn't locate the option on the platform.

Does anyone know of a work around to disable sync on a single chart or all the charts?
If yes, any help is appreciated.
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Thanks, that helps as a temporary solution. Hopefully there is another work around.
There is no other work-around... TOS provides no function call to toggle crosshairs or manually created drawing features... However, if the lines are created from within a Study or Strategy the line widths can be adjusted using the <plotname>.SetLineWeight(x) statement or adjusted from within the Study or Strategy Settings...


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@generic ...thanks. I've dabbled with drawing sets and it might be the only solution for now. If there was a way to change the Drawing set on a single chart from Default to a Custom set for all new tickers versus one by one that would solve the problem.

Ultimately, it's looking like the TOS development team would need to create this feature. I submitted a request.