Help creating scanner based on the line up of three indcators


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After being on here for a while, I've come across so many amazing indicators and found a good combination. For this strategy I use the five minute time frame, with the Matrix indicator(posted in custom), and two tmo, with one having a 10 minute aggregation. I noticed that when they all switch trends (all change color at once) it produces both good buy and sell signals. If someone could help me code a scanner it would be much appreciated.

-Long entry
-Short entry

Thank you


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Hi - not sure exactly how the scan would look, but here is an idea that might help.

When you want to scan for several indicators having certain values in the same bar, you can try something like this in your scan (you assign each of the three conditions a variable like cond0 cond1 etc. and then define all):

def cond0 = VolumeZoneOscillator("length" = 3)."VZO" is greater than 60;

def cond1 = RSI()."RSI" is greater than 70;

def cond2 = CCI()."CCI" is greater than 200;

def all = cond0 and cond1 and cond2;

plot scan = all within 5 bars;

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