Need help creating scanner based on volume


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Hi guys,

I have an idea for a swing trading scanner but am not great at coding and would like to know if anyone can help code this potential scanner.

1) Today's volume > Yesterday's volume
2) Today's volume > Volume from 2 days ago
3) Today the stock is up
4) Yesterday stock was down
5) Two days ago stock was down

This pattern has worked time in and time out but it would be helpful if there is a scanner for this. I would appreciate anyone's help


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Notsure how to create code for that, either. Interesting idea though. I just created it using the filter setting on the Scan tool.
When do you scan for this?

I think it's:
volume is greater than volume from 2 bars ago
volume is greater than volume from 3 bars ago
open is greater than close from from 1 bars ago
open is less than close from 2 bars ago

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