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Draw a line based on certain amount?


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Hi, I’m looking for a thinkscript that could use the current stock price and draw a line at $-0.50 and draw a line at +$1.00 from current price. -.50 would be my stop loss and +$1.00 would be my exit point.
Ultimately if possible, when I hit the buy market button it would draw the lines. Not sure how you would incorporate when I buy puts..
Also, I realize I could set my stop loss and limit order, but I’m looking for another option.
Thanks for any help.


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@YungTraderFromMontana Thank you. Is there a way to make the bands just show the current and not the entire trend? Also I would need a way to handle shorting or puts. Thanks!

I looked at the TTM_LRC code to see if i could use it somehow... but im still way too new at scripting. No luck on my part. And it still wouldn't incorporate a way to use it when shorting or puts.

input price = close;
input length = 1;
input beginDate = 0;
input beginTime = 0;
input extLeft = No;
input extRight = Yes;
plot stop = price -.5;
plot limit = price +1;
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