Can I hide the chart but keep the lower indicators??


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As the question states, I am curious if it is at all possible to run a portion of my "flexible grid" where I can see the lower indicators running in real time but have the chart visually not there to conserve space? It would still be tied to whatever timeframe or data the chart would be running but I do not need the candles or anything so I would like to have the chart itself hidden.


This script will hide price candles:

# hide the default candles

# calculate the offset
def lastBar = HighestAll(if !isNaN(close) then BarNumber() else 0);
def earnsBar = if HasEarnings() then BarNumber() else double.NaN;

def offset =  lastBar - earnsBar - 20;

# build the candles

def o;

def h;

def l;
def c;

o = GetValue(open, -offset);
h = GetValue(high, -offset);
l = GetValue(low, -offset);
c = GetValue(close, -offset);

# Plot the new Chart

AddChart(high = h, low = l, open = o, close = c, type = ChartType.CANDLE, growcolor =;


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@Moose I did not need to hide the candles, I needed to hide the physical price chart itself, and just leave my lower indictor(s) behind. The solution was presented graciously by OBW. Though appreciate the help and hopefully someone with a slightly different problem will find your script here


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Does anyone know if it is possible to create a chart and only show a lower study with out the actual price chart?

For example, if I wanted to see the MACD lower study on a stock, but did not want to see the price data.

Thanks in advance.

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