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I am not VIP member yet, however, thinking about subscribing to your discord and obtaining the "buy the dip" indicator. I just wanted to check something before I subscribe to VIP, would you be able to post an example of 1min chart for TSLA, Apple, ZM or whatever else stock you see fit (not penny stocks plz since I am not that educated to trade small caps yet). I wanted to see if Buy the Dip works for day trading as well as swing.

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Helpful links for anyone interested in seeing how VIP members are using the BTD indicator to trade:
Customer's reviews:
More reviews can be found here:
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Has Buy The Dip indicator and/or Advanced Market Moves 2.0 been tested on bond futures, 30 year and 10 year note; daily, 60 and 10 minute charts are of interest. Other indicators or codes that have been tested and perform well are of interest too.



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You may want to double-check. I wasn't able to locate your payment info through this account of yours.

Hi BENTEN, I am Arman from Turkey. I am new at the market. And ı searcing a good indicator. Now I am at here. I want to be your VIP member.
But I have some questions.

Firstly I saw many indicators free in treadingview. Also I used some of them. They always gives buy or sell signals. But they gives signals very lately. For example indicator gives BUY, 3 bars from the deep. ALSO ı have same problem with SELL SİGNALS. So ı cant earn many.

I am at cyrpto markets. and ı am at spot market.

1. Can I use your indicators with BİNANCE, Treadingview and 3commas BOT ? I want buyy and sell signals to send 3commas for auto trade

2. Can we use your vip indicators at all time frames? for Scalping

thank you


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@armanguney The VIP indicators are written and supported on the ThinkOrSwim platform. The Buy The Dip signals do not lag. The signals indicate that the stock has taken a definitive dip. It makes no representation concerning a reversal. Additional chart analysis and/or detail knowledge of the equity being traded are necessary to provide that determination. Therefore, neither auto trading nor back testing are appropriate. Lastly, while I have seen posters who use the indicators for scalping, the traditional use of the Buy The Dip Strategy is on higher time frames.
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