Best % Gap Long/Short Plays (Works Pre-Market) for ThinkorSwim



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@QUIKTDR1 are yo sure you are pasting it into a WATCHLIST COLUMN? From your post it doesn’t seem like it.
Thank you Mike! No I don't think I loaded it in a watchlist column. Where or how do you do this?
Prison Mike

Prison Mike

There is a small "gear" on the left at the top of the watchlist. Go to customize, then save it in a new watchlist study. Also google is a magical thing if you have problems.


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Hi everyone,
I have this working, however, I'd like to color code for gaps in both directions. This may be super simple, but nothing I've tried is working. I tried using an absolute value and also tried adding an OR statement, but Thinkscript won't accept a second > or < in the line. Here's what I have so far, but I'd like to have it do the same for gap ups.

plot pop = Round("number" = ((ask + bid) / 2 -close[1]) / close[1] * 100, "numberOfDigits" = 1);
pop.assignvalueColor(if pop < -8 then color.white
else if pop < 0 then
else if pop > 0 then color.white
#Gap down
AssignBackgroundColor(if pop < -15 then
else if pop < -8 then Color.DARK_GREEN
else if pop < -6 then Color.GREEN
else if pop < -4 then Color.LIGHT_GREEN
else if pop < -2 then Color.yellow
else if pop < -.01 then else;