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I have developed color coded watchlist columns which can be very helpful, especially when looking at a gap scan on the left while tracking charts on the right. These are color coded based on values. The columns eliminate all those extra zeros at the end and make it easy to spot big values. The codes are listed below. Please pass it on!

Cyan - highest
Red - 2nd highest
Green - 3rd highest
Yellow - lowest

C1 – <20, 20-40, >40
CO – <0, 0-20, 20-40, >40
L1 – 1-5, 5-10, >10
RV1 – 0-5, 5-20, >20

#Pct Change from Yesterday Close
def AP = AggregationPeriod.DAY;
def y = close(period = AP)[1];
def x = Round(100*((close/y)-1),1);
plot z=x;
z.assignValueColor(if z>=40 then color.CYAN else if z>=20 then createcolor(255,153,153) else createcolor(0,215,0));

#Percent change from open
plot x = Round(100*((close/open)-1),1);
x.assignValueColor( if x >=40 then color.CYAN else if x>=20 then createcolor(255,153,153) else if x>=0 then createcolor(0,215,0) else color.YELLOW);

#Rounded Last
def L = Round(close,2);
plot x = L;
x.assignValueColor(if x>=10 then color.CYAN else if x>=5 then createcolor(255,153,153) else createcolor(0,215,0));

#Relative Volume
def x = Average(volume, 60)[1];
def v = volume;
plot r = Round((v/x),1);
r.assignValueColor(if r >= 20 then color.CYAN else if r>=5 then createcolor(255,153,153) else createcolor(0,215,0));
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Hi this is a very noobie question but am i meant to copy these individually (without the titles RV1/l1 etc as it wont allow it) into the add study custom script part under the scan part of TOS? I have done that (with your scan conditions from the other post) but it doesnt show anything different. Sorry for the basic question but what am i doing wrong here?!

These codes are only for watchlist columns. To use these, go to a scan and click Customize at top right. Then add each code separately to Custom column. Once you do that, there should not be any errors. These values only work after 9:30am.

@bss05 These codes are only for watchlist columns. To use these, go to a scan and click Customize at top right. Then add each code separately to Custom column. Once you do that, there should not be any errors. These values only work after 9:30am.
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@Danchik I took a couple of screenshots but I could not insert them here. Anyway, when you have a scan in thinkorswim, you should see a small gear icon on the far right just below the Search Results. If you click that then click Customize, a new window will pop up. Under Available Items, go to Custom columns. Double click the scroll in any Custom column and insert each code into a different Custom number. Be sure to label each one as well and save them. Then you can add these columns to a scan by clicking Customize and then Add Item. Let me know if you run into any problems.

@bss05 I guess you read my other post on the Relative Volume strategy. The RV1 value was highest on JOB today and it had 2 big spikes today.
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I did, and I saw that! Im still a noob with buying stocks that have this increased volume. By the time it's coming up on the scanner, I feel im late and dont want to chase. Perhaps I should be looking to play the dips (off the fibonacci levels).

edit: rereading it now, I see you suggest scanning at 9.32am. Guess that's the time to hop in!

You could have bought FRAN at less than $4.50 this morning. If you track your premarket scanner on TOS, it spiked at 7:30 when the news came out. You just wait for the pullback and then buy it. Then just hold it as long as it stays above VWAP and you can make 100% return in premarket.

Here is what I use for Premarket Scan:
Last: 0.2 to 15
Volume: 5000 to No Max
Custom Study Filter: After Hours Change, the close is greater then 10% (under Price Performance); check the Ext box and select 1m on the right.

As soon as you see FRAN pop up in the scan, just check the news in TOS, and buy it once it has the small pullback at 7:31.
@Vimal Mittal


This is the image you wanted.
@Sonny I got distracted but I was watching that one pre market and was wondering why the PM scanner wasnt picking it up as it seemed to fit all the criteria. It was at 3.80 then and I thought I had missed the run. Was going to message you about it in fact - I should have used that time to sell a bag and buy it instead!

Is there a way to scan for RV pre market (comparing it to other PM volume)?
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You are genius. Please can you create similar watchlist for premarket? ineed it.


What "rounded last: column means? I see cyanide color two or three digit numbers mostly? please explain how to read?
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@Vimal Mittal

Rounded Last means I rounded the last close price so there are no extra zeros at the end. For premarket, I use a scan and my main columns are Mark % Change, Mark, and Volume.
It is not possible to compare PM volume on different days. However, if you see my post on Useful Intraday Stats, I have a chart label that looks at Relative Premarket Volume that indicates which stocks have high RV1 values before 9:30. I will also add a watchlist column that measures premarket relative volume as well.


Here is the code for a watchlist column that measures premarket relative volume. Note that these values are small since we are comparing premarket volume to average full day volume. However, you can get an idea that stocks with RV>1 will have the potential to have big spikes, either in premarket or after 9:30. It is worth tracking the top 3 RV1 stocks after 9:30 since they could spike shortly after 9:30 or in the afternoon.

def isRollover = GetYYYYMMDD() != GetYYYYMMDD()[1];
def beforeStart = GetTime() < RegularTradingStart(GetYYYYMMDD());
def vol = if isRollover and beforeStart then volume else if beforeStart then vol[1] + volume else Double.NaN;
def PMV = if IsNaN(vol) then PMV[1] else vol;
def AV = AggregationPeriod.DAY;
def x = Average(Volume(period=AV)[1],60);
def y1 = Round((PMV/x),2);
def L = Lg(y1);
def p = if L>=1 then 0 else if L>=0 then 1 else 2;
def y2 = Round(y1,p);
plot z = y2;
z.assignValueColor(if z>=10 then color.CYAN else if z>=1 then createcolor(255,153,153) else createcolor(0,215,0));
@Sonny I tried to copy and paste your code above but it gave me a error

Expected double at 10:10
No such variable: y at 10:16
Expected double at 10:10
No such variable: y at 10:16

Also is there a way to measure the current premarket volume divided by the average daily premarket volume over the last 20 days? i would like to have both on my watchlist column. I am CST time...Thanks!!!!!

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