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Avoid plotting study in Premarket/aftermarket charting


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Does anyone know how to ski plotting of any study in Premarket/Aftermarket charting, while keeping ext hours on?

Meaning to say is charting will continue throughout hours but study will stop at market close and continue when market opens.

I usually like to keep MAs throughout charting but lower studies I like to see without ext hours activities and thats why I have to keep two charts open all the time.


For /ES, I just use SPX since it doesnt have after hours at all.
Or I just turn off the after hours charts altogether.
I'm not sure how to do it in the code sorry
declare_market_hours_only; ???


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Currently I am keeping two charts open, One with ext hours on and one with ext hours off. With PM gaps, I have noticed that stocks still continue to trade towards trend of lower indicator. But if PM hours are on it messes up lower indicator calculations.


The way I've been doing it, I've learned from other code on this site. Just define regular trading hours, then in your plot line, make regular hours a condition. Something like this
def Start = 0930;
def End   = 1600;

def regHours = SecondsFromTime(Start) >= 0 and SecondsTillTime(End)-1 >= 0;

plot upperband = if regHours then high + .10 else Double.naN;

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