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Auto Draw Price Level Lines


New member
I currently have to move 7 lines every morning (O,H,L,C,VAL,VAH & POC) manually by price and by time for each product. I used to the Price Level drawing tool to create them and just edit them manually every morning to match the lines to the prior day's values. They are set up to start at 18:00 EST each trading day and extend to the right.

I am looking for a script that would first move the lines by 24 hours each day to start over at 18:00 EST while keeping the left extension off.

And secondly for the price levels of the lines to be reassigned with the prior day's RTH levels.

Is there any way for script to reassign time and price values to Price Level drawings in this manner?

Thank you so much!

These are what the lines look like daily however they were not yet moved today to reflect yesterday's session so they would typically start at Globex open of the current day.


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