Alert for Volume lower than 500 for last 5 mins?


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How do I write and alert for example when i am looking at my 1 min graph, I see the volume bars at the bottom and would like an alert when the last 5 bars bars total is less than 500?

I have pieced parts of others code together but I am not sure if I did it right.

def dailyvol=volume(period="5");
def conditionTrue = dailyvol / 5 < 100;
plot alert = conditionTrue;


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def dailyvol = volume(period = aggregationperiod.five_min);
def avervol = average(dailyvol,5);
def conditiontrue = avervol < 100;
Alert(conditiontrue, "Low Volume", Alert.TICK, Sound.Ding);

did not debug, but give this a try

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