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$1,000 Option Trading Challenge (Week 2 Update)


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The first options trading challenge (ever since we created our Discord chatroom) has come to an end and I'd like to give a big shoutout to everyone who participated in the event. It was something that @MasterSteve and I quickly put together at the end of 2018 and we set a date for it as soon as the New Year started.

It wasn't as thought out as I hope it would be. I personally learned a lot from the organizing part and I hope to improve the challenge if we ever do it again.

Now comes the juicy stuff.

The following tickers were traded since the beginning of Jan. 10th to today.
  • SPY
  • AMZN
  • NVDA
Kept it real simple. The setups were there for those tickers and so I took the appropriate trades.

How Much Did I Make in the Second Week?


Last week I made about $600. This week I made roughly about $200. I didn't make as much as the last week, however, there were no losers for this week! One of my goals was to be consistent.

Starting balance: $1,000

Ending balance: $1,807

Up 80.7% since started.

To see my full trade logs, how much I made from each trades, and how the others who participated in the challenge were doing, you can check out our Google Sheet here.

Stay tuned for individual learning logs (I'll try to post them below this weekend).

P.S: I'm using TastyWorks as my broker of choice for day trading. They have an amazing support team, their platform is turbo fast, and they have the cheapest fees in the game. Definitely worth checking out.
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@Chenthy73 Thank you 😁

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Ben, Is it possible to include time stamp for buy and selling...

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@San I'll keep that in mind for future logs but not for these trade logs. Also, I post my trade alerts real-time on Twitter now. If you want to get their timestamp you can find it on there.

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@BenTen Yes Tasty is good for Options and stocks, if you trade futures they are comparable to Thinkorswim, expensive.

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@RocketShip The challenge was over a long time ago 😀

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@BenTen lol I learned a lot from your website. Don't know anything about options but I know futures..

Thank you for making this site!

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@RocketShip Awesome! I'm glad to hear that. The options world is waiting for ya 😁

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