What Parabolic SAR strategy is this ?


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Seen this on here before, it has the MTF dots down on the bottom. Can anyone tell me which one this is ? Been searching for it and havnt found it. Thanks

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You could download the MT4 indicator at the link below. If someone could convert it to TOS that would be great. I'm sure members here and whip up a similar indicator pretty quickly for TOS.

TheSecret4 TF PSAR

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Actually, you could download all the indicators on that chart from the website. Would be nice to have the same indicators on TOS for testing..


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Yea that would be great, but I know its on here. I messed with it once and then deleted it of my TOS. Now I want try it with another indicator to see how it performs.


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That is very close but it was dots or squares with 5m 10m 15m 30m 1hr, at the end of each one on the right hand side of it. This is a chore, LOL looking and testing each indicator on here 1 by 1 trying to find this LOL. I know its on here somewhere,

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