Watchlist Import Issue on TOS


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I have two Schwab accounts. When I import or copy paste tickers into a watch list. They import fine and the issue Dialog box locks on top. To specify. The Great OK turns dark green. The X doesn't work. And Cancel does nothing. Tab/shift to make active does not allow removal either. But it can be dragged.
So why frozen on top it can be moved.
And remains there. Switching works spaces does not remove it. A restart is required. what I have done.
Did a hard removal including registry scrubbing. Restored to a date a week ago in windows restore.
Removed all start items on pc that were not needed. Used different older install for TOS files. Nothing.
So Installed on another pc fresh windows bare never had the software and same issue.
So I tried my other account. Same thing. There are no errors in the windows logs for this issue.
This has been tried on three Pcs, all with different OS 11Pr 11 standard, Win10 Pro. All the above issues still existed.
One PC is also on another network. ( so have looked at everything I could think of)
TOS keeps some data online so I removed all scanners, watchlist anything that was not stock. It persisted.
I tried clearing the Cache as the very first thing and adjusting size. On all three setups nothing.
Checked windows logs as well, I mean maybe. But no errors at all. Kind of expected there would not be.
About 12 solid hours in and no closer. I have been around Pcs a very long time
Used all my resources I could think of and nothing.
Still nothing.

I talked with Schwab and we did over and hour screen twice. Even after telling them all the above they said have a cleared my browser Caches?
This was there head tech guy. So I played along. A few times asking how is the cache on one PC going to effect two others. That are also different logins?
But I played along after 3 hours they never even checked their end and said they did not know the cause. And will look into it. Meaning I wont here back.
As I know last year I had SSE issues with them and never responded.

So I am hoping here, someone can help. If you are able to? You know more then the TOP TOS guys cause they have no idea about the software they are supporting.
Remember. Three PC's, Three Os's three differ account windows logins, Two Schwab account. Same issues.
Thank You For Your consideration in helping. I am out of ideas.

Found a work around oddly quirky but better then a restart. I think I finally found something I can deal with. Does not work on the main screen.But if I use my watchlists on added gadgets watchlists on other monitors they are not part of the program. So can be closed and then that closed that pages dialog box.I can X that screen and that watchlist and page close. I then go up and click the Workspace and it reloads that page with the watchlist. And seems the boxes do not propogate. This makes it where a full restart is not required. Pain in the behind to remove them? Yes. But so far that works still testing to see what I can do.
Oddly if I do not delete that page and just switch to a workspace it remains no matter what work space. But it seems removing a page then work space puts it back in its original position. But would not work on one monitor.
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Does anyone have experience lose Tickers when importing to a Watchlist?

It is part of my routine each day to import tickers from other source to form a new watchlist.
Everytime i import over 100 tickers, i would lose a few.
The more i import, the more i lose.
For example, today i a trying to import 300 tickers to a watchlist, i end up having 165 tickers.

I tried with copy tickers and import from a csv file, the result is the same.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Watchlist Import Issues have been a problem since the days ThinkOrSwim was owned by Tastytrade.
The import issues have magnified in recent years.

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