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Watchlist Column Stuck at "Loading" in ThinkorSwim


ThinkorSwim platform is running. I added a public watchlist script today and when I put it in a watchlist column, the watchlist only has 4 symbols. Two of them say "loading". Is this typical?

Update: had to delete and reload - thanks

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Is anyone experiencing massive loading issues on the custom columns in thinkorswim? i download a lot of data and build models based off of them so having a value "loading" really puts a crimp in my data analysis. I'm this close to building these indicators in excel and just forgetting about tos!! I call the help desk and they always act like its just me, but I make sure I'm not doing anything more than 50 stocks at a time. the odd thing is the mobile platform has no issue with the display but I cant export from the mobile platform, I've tried screenshotting and converting the mobile screen to a pdf excel file but its completely hit or miss.
@EDDY GARCIA The more symbols in your watchlist or scan, the less likely they will populate properly during busy trading times... Sometimes even afterhours/overnight... I believe the maximum limit is 1500 custom cells, but complex cells could reduce that number...
Just a general question, how do you all work on custom quotes scripts intraday if the custom quotes never load ("loading") once changes are made after market open...? For me, custom quotes are so delayed and never load after open (if I had to shut down my computer and re load, I would be done for the day). Any tips or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
My watchlist columns have be doing that all week. Was curious to know if anyone has loading problems in watchlists window columns that have custom script? And if so, is there anything to be done to get the custom script data to load?
Ok everyone give it another shot. the loading issue seems to have been resolved. i terminated all active sessions and started a new one. of the 11 sectors the ten custom columns are all populating.
In my watchlist column for Relative Volume I always have a few stocks that say they are "loading" and never show me the number, anyone else experiencing the same problem? Anyone know how to fix this?
In my watchlist column for Relative Volume I always have a few stocks that say they are "loading" and never show me the number, anyone else experiencing the same problem? Anyone know how to fix this?
It has been covered several times... The fewer symbols in the watchlist, and the fewer custom columns with complex calculations, the better... Sometimes collecting garbage helps... It's under Help > System if you've never used it...
at a minimum TOS refreshes its servers with your watchlist scan queries about once every 3-7 mins on average depending on the server load. If you are sure you script is a function script you may have to wait. Other scenario is you have too many "customized" results in your entire platform's active session. To help put you at ease...today seems a bit slower than usual, i have a few columns showing loading as well.
Watchlist 'loading' Issues:

  1. Time of Day
  2. Other 'stuff' that you have open in your app
  3. Empty garbage Help > System
  4. Delete the offending column and then re-add
  5. You did lots of 'stuff' today and you need to sign off, delete your GUi and sign back on.
  6. For me -> my watchlists work better if I have on my fuzzy red slippers (another way of saying that this tends to be more of an issue on the TOS server side and there is not much we can do about it at times.
I do lots of 'stuff' that upsets the app. So I run multiple instances of the ToS app. The 2nd one has only my active trader and my watchlists.
I also re-install all instances of the app every 30-45 days. I am however, an extreme user.
I realize this thread is 6+ months old and hasn't been updated since, but I'm just wondering if anyone has learned anything new since the last post? What's odd is that if I click "edit" then "okay", it immediately updates and "loading" is immediately replaced with the value I was looking for.

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