Wait for Candle to Close


I was wondering if there was any way to wait for a candle to close before evaluating an IF statement. For example, if i'm looking at the MACD value being greater than the avg value on both the 1m and the 5m, can I script it to wait for the 5m candle to close first? Seems like a simple question but, i don't know the correct terminology in thinkscript to find it in the docs.

Thanks ahead of time!
to get the final close of a candle, you would read the previous one, by using an offset of 1.
def x = close[1];

the second the current candle reaches the end of its time period, the next candle opens. you can't capture the final close of the active candle.
Thanks! So with something like this would it be this (fastAvg, slowAvg):

def fastAvg = sum(volume * close[1], fastLength) / sum(volume, fastLength);
def slowAvg = sum(volume * close[1], slowLength) / sum(volume, slowLength);
plot Value = fastAvg - slowAvg;
plot Avg = ExpAverage(Value, MACDLength);
plot Diff = Value - avg;

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