Volume Profile under the chart, not to the right.


Hey! I tried following the exact specs I see in the volume profile youtube video to get the volume under the chart, but i can't figure out why its not working for me. is there a secret?


follow up question! how are yall using keystrokes for rectangles, price levels, etc? I don't see that in my hot key options!

Max Loss

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Does anyone know if there is a way to shorten the length of the volume bars in Volume profile? In addition to that, would it be possible to have the candlesticks plot over the profile when profile is on the right? It just takes up so much room on the chart,


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im sorry. I meant under as in "behind the chart' poor rhetoric choice!
Apologies, but I may be a bit confused by your question... The profile can not go 'behind the chart'. From the screen shot you provided, that user simply reduced the opacity. Try reducing your opacity to 5-10%. I suspect that will result in what you're looking to achieve?

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