Vertical Spread - Over extended stocks


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Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I stumble upon these trade criteria where it finds stocks that are over-extended to either the up or downside and that behavior is not in-line with its personality. The trade criteria are:

1. Bollinger bands are outside the Keltner channels
2. The price just bounced after touching the lower Bollinger band
3, Opposite candle during the trend
4. ADX trending up - no clear indication
4. RSI is sloping (momentum has lost its steam)
5. No earning or significant events

I'm wondering if anyone has a watchlist for this or has encountered a similar trade style, I would like to know how to set up this trade.

Thanks in advance!


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@Gametheory I am not aware of any such custom watchlist column or scan but you're welcome to try... However, I'm relatively sure that you'd end up getting a "TooComplexException" error due to the number of Studies and Conditions...

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