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I’ve done this manually but it can get pretty tiresome if you are doing it on more than one instrument. I am looking for an indicator that counts the volume in bars that close green as positive and that close red as negative.

Example -

1. The indicator needs editable session start and end time. Default would be 1700 (central time) start time and 1515 (central time) end time. But this could be changed to just the day session (830 to 1515 or whatever session you want).
2. If a bar closes green by even 1 tick it is an up bar and the volume is counted as plus volume in the histogram.
3. If a bar closes red by even 1 tick it is a down bar and volume is counted as a minus.
4. If open and close of bar is exactly the same volume is halved. Half to the positive, half to the negative
5. On the histogram there needs to be a zero line. When total accumulated volume in that session is positive the bars will be above zero line and green. When total accumulated volume in the session is negative the bars will be below zero line and red.

That’s it! We could add something creative like 2 moving averages of the volume (that are editable), so we could view what happens when they cross over. So it would really look a lot like an MACD indicator but based on cumulative volume.

If you have any questions let me know!


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Is this what you are asking for?
If so, I can post code in a new Study.

Note, in the below, I set the rollover time to 10:15am PT, and made the rollover work on a 30min chart that does not have a bar exactly at 10:15.


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