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I've searched for the past few hours but haven't been able to find anything that will address my needs. Im taking a traditional pivot study and want to add a triple cross alert to it if the condition is true. Price breaks daily pivot high (first cross). In the coming days, price retests the prior pivot high (second cross or 'near cross'). Price then reverses up (third cross) over the initial pivot high and the alert tiggers.

The issue I have is the second and third cross. Depending on the lookback period and other factors, the initial pivot high may no longer exist in the study therefore the second and/or third cross will never trigger. Additionally, when a new pivot high is created, the old pivot may become the new pivot low. To me, it seems I need to timestamp the first cross and use that as the reference for the 2nd and 3rd cross but then again, it may have become irrelevant if there are new pivots formed. I know I can figure out manual work arounds for all of this but I'm keep to see if anyone has any thoughts on this. Perhaps I missed a study that has this type of alert already built in? Also, let me know if you think I may be looking at this wrong.

PS- I tend to overcomplicate things. If there's an easier way to accomplish this, let me know too!

Thanks, Tim
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I'm simplifying my plan. I put together some code for a study which I will attach to a study-based alert on a chart. I'm not sure that the below code will work though. I want the condition to be met only when price crosses below $25 and then crosses back above $25 but both events must happen within 30 days. Hopefully someone can give me some hints. Thanks!!

input price = 25;
input begindate = 20210530;
def timeframe = DaysFromDate(BeginDate) >= 0 and DaysFromDate(BeginDate) <= 30;
def crossbelow = low crosses below price and timeframe;
def crossabove = close crosses above price and timeframe;
plot doublecross = crossbelow and crossabove;

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