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Gil Morales is a former portfolio mgr for William O'Neil & Co. Tweet as of 6-18-18
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Wisdom to Ponder

Mike Adamson
@mjekm5 • 4-3-2018

If you let it, the market will wear you out, break your resolve, and make you second guess everything you do.

If you need to be right all the time, you'll fail.

If you need to make money every day, you'll fail.

If you need to know why, you'll fail, and be miserable.

…... if you let it.


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Implied Volatility

Mike Adamson @mjekm5 •
Implied volatility - forward looking
degree of variation in my wife's
mood, being derived from
completely unknown forces,
unavoidable and unpredictable. All
known hedges ineffective.


These are some of my thoughts I tell myself:

teach yourself to not always listen to what your brain wants you to do-that is called Emotion... but do what YOU want to do when you see it. When everything you have learned is telling you to make the trade and pull the not over think it ... so when your brain says no no no when YOU want to say yes yes yes and yes yes yes when your brain is saying no no no learn to override that emotion and trade with confidence when you know the trade set up is there for you,

Also Find a set up that works for you and you have confidence in and look for it over and over again then trade the crap out of it,

Rule # 1 Protect your assets to trade another day !!!!

I agree with Markos.... sell your losers fast and let your winners run...



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Gilmore Report is written by Gil Morales, former Head Portfolio Manager at William O'neil + Co.
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