Trading Strategy Thread. What's Yours?

What's your main option trading strategy ?

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Hi All,

Wanted to go ahead and share my trading strategy. I primarily use TOS for trading and an options seller to generate consistent income month over month. Here are my go to options plays:
  • High IVR
  • Earnings plays (similar to above)
  • Spreads near monthly/weekly reversals of stocks
  • Very less buying based on statistical analysis

Things that have helped me in the past:
  • No trading stocks that I mind owning
  • No directional speculation on cash covered indices

Things I want to do/add in the future are
- Play long term swing with overleverages instruments like futues
- Potentially looking at selling /ES on the reversal going down
- Play overnight/intraday buying and selling of options using indicators form this forum.

Example of an trade I did:

BOT +1 COVERED BYND 100 (Weeklys) 26 JUL 19 210 CALL/BYND @205.36

tIP SOLD -1 COVERED BYND 100 (Weeklys) 26 JUL 19 210 CALL/BYND @208.68

It was a quick 300$ bucks in a matter of 1 hour I guess.

For more trade alerts from me, visit the discord group.

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Because I work off of weekly and daily charts, whether it's a Put or Call, I will buy a 30 to 45 day, 2 dollar wide, ATM spread in the direction my indicators tell me.
I purchase the In-Out Spread @ no more than $1.04 and look for a 50 to 55% return.
The 30-45 days gives it time to come back if it moves against me.
I purchase a lot of one lots and spread them among stocks/ETFs with liquid weekly options.

It would be nice to be able to take advantage of a Discord room but I don't think my employer would appreciate that!
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