TOS internal audio files

Axel BobbyRod

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Hi there community is anyone aware if audio files can be added to existing TOS library such as the ring, ding, chimes etc so that custom audio can be coded in to the scripts.

I produce music/audio as a side hobby and have an enormous collection of samples that could be used.

Another idea I would like to try if this is possible is to record custom audio cues in my studio to be triggered with (insert indicator) such as

Volume Imbalance , New Extreme , Momentum Increasing/ Decreasing etc. , Pattern detected ,

If files can be added so that they are recognized in conditional alerts I can share a library of audio and even create custom audio for members.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Seems to me that whenever this discussion comes up, the answer is that the sounds are fixed and limited to the internal ones. I would love to make a recording saying "get the heck in the market" or "get the heck out, NOW!!"


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The main reason that I like custom sounds is that there is no limit on length.
I don't sit and stare at my computer screen the whole trading day.
Therefore, I might not hear a single ding or chime alerting me to an important change in my stock's status.
But 9 verses of Live and Let Die blared by Alexa throughout the house, definitely gets the whole household's attention.
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Thanks! Very interesting. Can those Custom sounds be initiated in ThinkScript? i.e., Sound.Custom1 or simply with a number representing the custom sound??