TOS Crashed During Today's Volatility, Why?



I get systems have bugs, issues, overloads and go down. But something I have noticed in the past with TOS, it has issues during volatile sessions.

I am sure there are more users online than ever with their free commissions. But, the alarming part is why it went down. Will they say what the problem was/is and a fix to prevent it from happening in the future? That is what I am concerned with. What if we have another late 2018 sell off tomorrow, would it go offline like today's 0.50% S&P "selloff" ?


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This year is much better. In 2018 there was a period when TOS platform outright had no data during first 2-3 hours like every other week


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Had the same thing happen this morning when I was about to enter a trade. Lost the trade which would of been a worked out to my benefit. This why I always have a - not in my control stop entered on all day trades.
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