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After inputting thinkscript editor scan custom filter I don't see where you can name and save the script info. Any advise would be appreciated.

All I'm seeing is this message "At least one plot should be defined."
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If I understand correctly what you are asking... On the top right next to 'Add Condition Group' and the 'flame' icon is 3 sets of lines that when clicked on gives the "Save Scan Query' option. Which opens a box to type in a name for the scan.
Hi Rick, Thanks for the reply. I should have just added the image before. I am able to enter the info error free but can't save.

@Mr.Wick There should be an Ok button in the lower right corner that saves the code as one of the conditions for the scan itself... It doesn't save as a separate component... You can then save the entire scan configuration...
The box in your picture is not for actually 'saving' the scan. It is for inserting the name of a Study and a condition for it that you want the scan to use. Or adding some bit of code to use in the scanning process. As you can see it is also telling you that at least one plot needs to be defined to use that box.

Might help if you tell us or show a screen cap of what you are trying to put in the Custom scan box. Plus what Rad said while I was typing. :)
@Mr.Wick Once you have a valid script, with a plot, you simply click Ok which will be enabled once the script is valid... You must have either a plot OR an AddLabel() for the script to be valid...

Have you watched any videos on how to create a scan with a custom study filter...???
OK, your video helps with what you are trying to do. You may need smarter brains than me to continue helping you, haha.

Looks like you are trying to use a 20 period average of the close price with K (Stochastics?) and BB (BollingerBands?) mixed in plus an alert line that gives a signal when price crosses over it. You are still missing a chunk of code for telling it what to plot which is why it is not letting you hit OK button.

Have you tried adding your conditions in via the Condition Wizard tab instead of the ThinkScript Editor tab? I agree the interface is cumbersome and un-intuative.

Might be easier to create this as a Study on your chart and get that working first. Then cut and paste it here, or reference it here in the scanner filter. Best of luck to ya. :)

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