ThinkorSwim Watchlist Scanner Alerts Sometimes Not Working


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Anyone else have issues with custom strategy based watch-list alerts not being pushed to mobile? I talked to ToS support and I believe they said watchlist scans update every 3 it could potentially miss an alert if your agg. is <3min, but I still dont get all alerts pushed to my mobile with a 5 min agg.

Anyone know of a way to make these more consistent or anyone else experiencing the same issue? I am talking about using custom scan watchlist alerts because a strategy such as SuperTrend uses recursive variables and you cannot use the usual study alerts.


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Hi JoshF,

I have this issue intermittently with custom scan alerts under the 'Stock Hacker' sub-category. Though I use 'Study' alerts, I use thinkscript to customize and they are meant to work indefinitely.

However, they do stop working from time to time and I have no explanation as to why. I go in and re-enable the alert for the custom scan and that USUALLY does the trick; else I go into MarketWatch header, find the scan, clear it, then re-enable it.

Because I cannot figure out the rhyme or reason as to why (i.e. a backend limit to how many times a scan alert can be hit, backent limit to how many days it can remain functional, etc.) I am going to reach out to their support.

If I find out anything useful from them I'll definitely post it here.

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