ThinkOrSwim Desktop app vs Web Version

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No, custom scripts will not work with the ToS web version.
The ToS web version does not allow the addition of custom indicators.

Analogy in comparing the ToS desktop app and the ToS web version.

The ToS web version is a pre-built car made to get from point A to point B.
The car is pre-built. You can not make changes to the car and the car will only go from A to B.
Pros: You can get into the car and go now! There is little learning curve and it is made to be used immediately.

The ToS desktop app is a car-kit. You get an endless supply of car parts to build any kind of car that you want. And it will take you almost anywhere (except cryto-land).
But there are no pre-built plans. You need to design everything yourself.

Pros: You can design a chart setup for any and all analysis to provide clear and real-time information needed to be a profitable trader.

Cons: the app is a blank screen. The learning curve is steep. You need to figure out what kind of car that you want and then need to learn how to build it.
Until you learn to build or at least learn to discuss thinkscript, you will need to utilize pre-built indicators.
(good news, discussing thinkscript, is what we do, 24/7. The forum is the largest repository of ToS scripts on the internet. there is no better place to come and immerse yourself, ask questions, and learn)

Schwab is recommending that Schwab StreetSmartEdge users migrate to the ToS WEB version

If you are a Schwabbie AND an experienced trader or an experienced pinescript writer. The ToS desktop app is recommended. For you, the learning curve is less. You already know exactly what car to build.
You are familiar with all the parts and what it should look like when it is done. You know the math, which presents in the same form, regardless of the scripting or programming language.
It becomes similar to a calculus problem, where you know the question, and you know the answer; and just need to figure out the process.
Using interpolation, you can cobble together the syntax from the 1000s of scripts on the forum to customize your setup to your exact specifications. And remember! We are here to help! So ask away!
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