Testers Wanted: Position Size Calculator App for Android


To the useThinkScript community,

I love this place, because people ask and others give and it's all done in the name of the sharing of techniques, code, and talent.

In that spirit of sharing, I'm looking for feedback from active traders on a new position size calculator that I've developed for Android.

The basis of any solid trading strategy is position sizing and mitigating risks through setting appropriate stops. This app allows you to set a maximum per-trade risk either as a percentage of your portfolio value or in dollars, and then calculate position sizes based on that value.

Great, you say, and there are a bunch of other apps that do that. But few if any of them allow you to adjust your position size dynamically for a resistance level you see in the charts -- tightening or loosening your stops and adjusting position size accordingly.

This calculator also allows you to set risk:reward ratios and see what both position size and stops do to your target easily. You can easily switch between seeing stops as prices, cents (for trail stops) or percentages.

Oh, and there's a fully functional Reverse Polish Notation calculator (4 level stack) that will do math on stock positions ([email protected] + [email protected]) and the like.

Oh yeah, and it has a mode for calculating stops on futures contracts that takes into account tick size and tick value in determining stops.

I'm looking for feedback on what works well, what doesn't (I know it has issues on some devices storing and retrieving data -- you'll need to enter your account size or maximum loss each time you launch the app... I'm working on it)

This app does not phone home. I will never collect usage statistics, ANY user data, or any of your personal information. I do not believe in nagging in-app advertisements (they distract from my trading focus too much).

The link to the app is here if you're interested:

I have some codes for free downloads, please message me either here or through twitter (@mashume) if you'd like one.

A special thank you to @BenTen for very graciously allowing me to post this here for you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was given a free promo code for this app, but I don't have an Andoird device, so I'm passing this along to one lucky member :)

Merry Christmas!
Codes for anyone who wants to try it for free, good 'till new year!


Happy Trading, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!
@mashume I don't have a compatible android either... Could we buy it and then emulate it on a PC? Or does it have to go through the play store?
I don't know anything about selling apps
Emulation is not an easy task. It can be done, but not easily -- and I don't know about accessing the store through an emulated phone. I'm investigating getting started on the apple store, but their 'price to play' is a bit steeper than the android store. If everyone is on apple though...

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and I don't know about accessing the store through an emulated phone.
I tell you I know nothing either, but some youtube videos of how to use this system and a PC spreadsheet version would probably get a lot of copies sold...

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