Strategy Backtester



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Yea it can adjust size based on a certain amount of money you willing to risk per trade.
How would I change the risk factor? I just want more accurate backtesting values for drawdown calculation purposes


@King12x I'm getting an error message on this code. Has anyone else tried it?


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I have a strategy I would like backtested but I am unsure how to code it in TOS. What I would like to test is a strategy wherein 2 moving averages cross, but a buy or sell signal is not generated until 90 days after the cross occurs. If a cross occurs back in the opposite direction, the timer resets and the system remains in whatever position it was prior to the cross. Could someone help me code this so I can backtest? thanks so much!


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Can anybody code a strategy based on the first close outside a report bar (crude or nat gas)? For example if the bar closes above it will rise x amount of point? If below it’ll fail x amount?


I'm trying to backtest strategies and I'd appreciate it if someone can help me here. Basically, I'm trying to turn my scanners into strategies and backtest them. I have several conditions, I'd say anywhere from 8-10, when running a scan. I already got my buy and sell signals setup into a strategy, but now I want to add the conditions such as 34EMA is greater than 50MA, close is above 50MA and others. Is it possible? If yes, please can someone share an example of how to add these conditions to the strategy.

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