stop # days after a signal


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I am trying to code a Stop a number of days or time periods after a Buy or Sell signal has been set.
Does anyone know a way of doing that? Is it possible?
Thank you

See Solution on the 5th and 6th posts. Thank you to member mashume
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This is certainly not a complete answer, but it may help you get there.

This is offered only as a way to test exit strategies, and will show different exits on different time scales, as it is based on the number of bars passed since a position was opened.

Also, I'm just typing this in the forum, not testing it in ThinkOrSwim.

So here goes... I stole this from another script I wrote to put Mobile ToS style position lines on charts in Desktop ToS.

input size = 10;
input sell_after = 14;
def liq = positionNetLiq();
def position = positionNetLiq() / size;

def enter = if position != 0 then
        if position[1] == 0 then position
        else enter[1]
    else double.nan ;

plot entryPrice = enter;
plot exit = if isnan(enter[sell_after - 1]) and !isNaN(enter[sell_after]) then 1 else double.nan;

What we've done there is to find when a position opened because the value of enter went from NaN to something when the position opened.
We then have a set 'sell-after' time (in bars, so 14 days on a daily chart, 14 minutes on a 1-minute chart etc...) and generate a sell signal some bars after the change in value from nan to a whatever it is.

I leave it to you to create a strategy around the idea.
I worked on it for another 3.5 hours on Sunday.
Then I tried my own for another hour today.
I found the code provided by mashume in previous post was above my level of knowledge.
Finally after using masuhme's code I got it to work. 😍 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here is what I did to create a Sell Order after 5 days.
input sell_after = 5;                #This is the number of days after the Buy order was placed
#def liq = positionNetLiq();    # was  not needed
def position = (if (net crosses ABOVE 0) then GetDay()+ 5 else 0);    # This sets the start of the count on the Buy order day (net crosses above 0)

def enter = if position != 0 then
        if position[1] == 0 then position
        else enter[1]
    else double.nan ;

plot entryPrice = enter;     # was not neededd
def exit = if isnan(enter[sell_after - 1]) and !isNaN(enter[sell_after]) then 1 else double.nan;      #changed Plot to def

if isnan(enter[sell_after - 1]) and !isNaN(enter[sell_after]) then 1 else double.nan,
price,100, tickcolor = GetColor(1), arrowcolor = GetColor(1), name = "SELL 01");
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I want to adjust my exit strategy based on how long it's been since I entered into a trade. Thinkscript has EntryPrice() but no version of EntryTime(). I could set a variable to the time that I executed an AddOrder(...TO_OPEN...) but I don't quite know how to do that. BTW, my exit strategy right now is a simple exit if I have either made or loss $0.5 which is an input. I just want to scale the $0.5 to a lower value as hold time increases, e.g. get out at a gain/loss of $0.3 after holding 10 minutes.
BTW, it looks like Strategy Desk had an EntryTime tag but is this tool no long supported.

I looked around for an answer to this here, on reddit and elsewhere... no luck. Thanks in advance.
@dennisjkane We have very few ways to track the entry date of a trade... Here are a couple of ideas... You could extrapolate the date as a number and store in a "state" variable... Essentially you would keep storing the same content of entryDate[1] in entryDate on every iteration of the script... Another option would be to set the timeframe for your chart and store a counter in a state variable and by knowing how many bars the chart paints in a day you could determine how many candles before exiting... Those are the best ideas I can come up with on short notice... Just spit-balling...

I haven't checked the code posted above so maybe it could be modified for your needs...
you can do it using get average price...

scan for the bar thats averageprice is equal to 0 and the next bar averageprice is greater than 0 then gettime() of the bar after 0.

if averageprice bar is 0 and bar after averageprice is greater than 0 from 10 bars ago then flatten/close position

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