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Not sure if this is possible or if maybe it has been done before but I am looking for a way to have an alert go off and change the color of the background on a chart temporarily when either price has a surge or volume surge happens?
Since you didn't provide the code that you need help with, take a look at this example below.

def abc = x;
plot data = abc;
Alert(data, " ", Alert.Bar, Sound.Chimes);
Since you didn't provide the code that you need help with, take a look at this example below.

def abc = x;
plot data = abc;
Alert(data, " ", Alert.Bar, Sound.Chimes);

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A good example of this functionality is here:

This is great work in my view. I am trying to change this so that one can pick different conditions (different types of moving averages for instance). My severe limitations with ThinkScript are making my efforts futile. If I figure it out I will post. If anyone else has an example of this I would certainly appreciate it.

As always, thanks to all of the technical experts on this forum who are so generous with their time. It is very much appreciated!
So I created this basic label and used today, works fine but really need a sound alert when changes from red to green...or green to red
as I miss the change if I am busy. Is this even possible? Thanks for any help.

def mah13  = hullMovingAvg("length" = 13) ;
addLabel(1, "MAW back2", if  mah13 > mah13[1] then else;
Did you read the TOS instructions for setting up an alert? Where did you run into a problem?
did research could not find anything I could make work most are for price or crossovers I need for change in direction of single indicator!
@earlyinout Ahhhh... you are asking for the syntax for the alert.
For future reference, when making requests for assistance, CLARITY is key.
Alert(mah13 > mah13[1] and mah[1] < mah13[2], "reversal to uptrend", Alert.Bar, Sound.bell);
Alert(mah13 < mah13[1] and mah[1] > mah13[2], "reversal to downtrend", Alert.Bar, Sound.ding);

I 'think' this may be what you are requesting?
select /NQ chart then right click on chart and create an ALERT then choose the timeframe and choose study and then put

volume > 2500

choose your sound notification

repeat the process for a 2nd alert and instead of 2500 change it to 4500

this video below should help out as well
@jcga1981 The method @XeoNoX mentioned will work, but it is a once-and-done Alert... If you want to be alerted every time those target prices are hit you can create a Scan and set it to send an Alert every time either of those conditions are met... I currently have three such Alerts running to notify me of specific conditions throughout the trading day... I get alerts every 3 - 7 minutes from each Alert... Granted, a Chart Alert will be more responsive due to being real-time, but the delay on the Scan-based Alerts helps filter out false breakouts... Food for thought...

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