Simple Delta indicator / Tape summary



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Hi guys,

I hope this email finds you well & in good health. I have tried my best to research the forums before posting these requests. There are many volume based indicators and couldn't really find anything I really liked.

If any of you have read reminiscences of a stock operator- you will understand my request. In it, he speaks much about "the tape". "The tape is weak", "the tape is strong" etc. I'm looking for a way to gauge the strength or weakness of the tape.

All the great traders of the past used the tape & I want to build something around it. All indicators are lagging except the tape, it is real-time.

I'm looking for:

1). A simple Delta indicator that shows daily Cumulative delta.

2). A tape summary that adds all the buys orders and sells orders that went through the tape. For instance: Buy Volume 30,000 - Sell Volume 20,000. Would such an indicator be possible? A more complex request would be to list these volumes at particular levels.
For example:
1000 shares volume at 340.
700 Shares at 341.

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