Showing previous month high on daily chart


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Trying to learn how to reference data from other aggregation periods. Getting the previous month with [1] seems to only get the month from the previous candle. This very simple code and screenshot are maybe showing a clearer explanation. I would expect that MH[1] would have returned a value of 140.18 because that was last month's high. Instead, MH and MH[1] are both returning this month's high. Is there a reliable way to get last month's high? I did try searching the forums and the ThinkScript manual but both places seem to suggest MH[1] is the correct way and should have worked.

def MONTH = AggregationPeriod.MONTH;

def monthHigh = high(period = MONTH);

AddLabel(yes, "MH0: " + monthHigh + ", MH1: " + monthHigh[1], Color.WHITE);



(thanks @generic)
def MH = high (period = MONTH);
def MH1 = high (period = MONTH)[1];

# MH[1] is NOT equal to MH1
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@bvesco Add another line specific for MH1. Not sure why this is but I think it has something to do with how thinkscript handles agg above daily.
def mh1 = high(period = month)[1];
Thanks everyone for the help. Indeed these are different things:

def MH = high (period = MONTH);
def MH1 = high (period = MONTH)[1];

# MH[1] is NOT equal to MH1

At least this is true if you are not on the monthly chart itself. MH[1] seems to give the monthly price of the previous candle on the current chart. I suppose if you are on the very first candle of the month they would be the same but as soon as you print a second candle in the same month it becomes incorrect.

@rad14733, good eye on the script error but that's for a different script I had loaded and not related to this one.

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