Scanning for Volume Moves outside an Average Volume "Channel"


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I am trying to scan for stocks with serious unchanged volume for a specified time period. I know how to do it for price by using the near_high_low filter in combination with a specific duration and + or - % change. Kind of like creating a "flatliner" price channel and then I would scan for prices that move a % outside that channel. Back to Volume. Looking for a script or custom filter that will calculate Average Volume over a specified period and then spot a candle that is some percentage above the average volume. Kind of a "pre-pop" indicator. A "flatliner", either price or volume or both and then suddenly a "heartbeat" suggesting something is coming. Any suggestions or any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Trader47.


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I'm looking for the same thing, except I'm looking for a relative volume "pop" from the last time period
For example:
currentVolume(@5seconds) > lastVolume(@5seconds) * 1.05
currentPrice > lastClosePrice


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poll - as in "check"
i want to grab the value of volume at different time periods within the 1 min candle.
5 sec
10 sec
15 sec

So let's say last 1 min candle
5 sec: volume = 100
10 sec: volume = 200
15 sec: volume = 300

and THIS 1 min candle
5 sec: volume = 150
10 sec: volume = 300
15 sec: volume = 600

That would indicate that there's a lot of momentum in the volume during this one minute vs last one minute. And possibly a good scalping opportunity.

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