Scanner Help - Specific Price Change For Certain Time Period

Hi Everyone,

I am creating a scanner and would love to hear your awesome thoughts.

One of the parameters is for a price change of at least 30 cents in the last 5 minutes.

The closest thing that I could find to this was by selecting:
1) “ Add Study Filter" ->
2) Price Performance ->
3) Gap_Within_Time.

This option, however, provides a %age change.

Can you please help with a potential code for this 30 cents in the last 5 minutes?

Thank You!!
@KevinSammy That is what you want, a percentage. 30 cents on a $30 stock vs 30 cents on a $150 stock is quite a percent of difference.
What is it about 30 cents that you want to scan for it? Or are you trading corn futures? That's been stuck between $3.00 and $5.00 for most of my life.
In the condition wizard, it would be something like: (close) 5 minutes ago is less than or greater than (close) * 1.003 or (close) / 1.003. You may need 2 scans.
Anybody want to correct that? Just going from memory.

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Omg, They was hilarious about corn futures.

30 was a random number that I chose.
The problem that I’m trying to solve for is that my scanner often picks up stocks that meet my criteria (eg price $10-$50, rsi over 70, more than 1 million volume, etc) BUT, they often don’t have a lot of price movement.

I tried %ages, but it’s not ideal as it filters out almost I thought of using a price, such as 25 or 30 cents.
Try the Built in Stock Sizzle > 1.3 and see what you get. Use the other parameters you have above, but leave out Gap_within_Time and cut the volume to 500K. then search in Russell 1000. Hopefully they'll pour right in.
(Not Sizzle Index, that's for Options.)

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