Scanner 50 ema cross


Is it possible to build scanner it gives alert when stock cross 50 ema in last 20 days
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Just build the scanner and then select the following options:



@BenTen thanks you for your response actually i only want alert when in past 20 days stock didnt cross 50 ema
for example from 5 may to 25 may stock didnt cross 50 ema on 26 may stock crosses 50 ema it gives me alert
but during 5 may to 25 may if stock cross 50 ema and on 26 may it again cross 50 ema it should not give me alert is it possible
I've found with numerous backtests that a pullback to the 50 EMA (Exponential Moving Average) has a high probability of reversing to the long-side. When I see this move, I ALWAYS buy. Waiting for this to happen, if ever, on short timeframes (1 minute), can be emotionally exhausting. I'm a day trader, and I will literally sit for hours and hours waiting for this setup. An alert would be ideal.

Does anyone know how to create an alert when price pulls back to a moving average line?


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