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Scan for stocks that goes from red to green


Hi, I have been searching for a red to green scan for a day trade strategy, ie: stock had a big move yesterday, opens red today and then alerts me if it goes green today. Does anybody know of one?
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I am not too thinkscript savvy, but basically, I am trying to create a scanner that finds stocks that have dropped in early hours of the trading day, preferably < -.5% drop, and have recovered to the point that they have recovered all their losses (creating new HOD at 0.0% net), thus creating a hammer on a daily chart. So far the best I can find is just scanning for a hammer on the daily chart, but thinkscripts parameters for a bullish hammer don't include being above the open, and as far as I'm aware of you cannot change this. Thanks for your time!

*Green to Red scanner
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