Scan for failed Previous Day High followed by failed Pre-Market High


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I am wondering if it's possible to create this particular scan.

Here is the setup for the criteria I am trying to scan. This is a SHORT I execute:

"A failed attempt to reach or break Previous Day High (1st check), followed by a failed attempt to reach or break Pre-Market High (2nd check)"
I already have those 2 levels coded into my platform. PDH and PMH

Is it within the realm of possibility to scan for something approximating this set up.. ie proximity to Pre Market High after the aforementioned Previous Day High failure?

The first condition is that the
PDH -previous day high
Is above the
PMH- premarket high
Secondly, Price must open below both.
(I’m not sure how to specify this next part)
Third, Price must pass above PMH
Fourth, price must close below PDH and no subsequent candles can close above that closest closing candle (the one closing below the PDH)
Fifth, price must go below the PMH
I think if I was alerted to a chart having done that I could begin to watch for what I want
(Confirmation of weakness upon retesting the PMH)

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The price only oases through the PMH.
Not the PDH
The PDH which is above the PMH is merely approached but not reached.
As per the photo.
The set up begins with the PDH above the PMH.
When the stock rises up past the PMH it approaches but doesn’t reach the PDH.
It then falls, back below the PMH
But Before “tanking” I will watch to see it come back up to test the PMH where I will look for price action to confirm weakness before entering short.
the way the code is wrote is by data points, you are going to have to give values to "doesn’t reach the PDH. and It then falls"

if you cant then you will have to settle for the following interpretation coded as:

PMH it approaches but doesn’t reach PDH --- which will be defined as price is between PMH and PDH
I personally wouldn’t know where to begin w that. As Ben was saying above, it seems that the most I could hope for with creating a script to scan these conditions is a simple scan for the initial PMH cross, which I would then monitor.

Is it possible for either of you to write that code?
@JakeD Clueless about what? You need to import the indicator that displays pre-market high and low on your chart. And then you can setup a scanner for it. Refer to the other thread I sent yesterday.
I think this may all be above me, I have a custom script for my pre market plots and previous day plots. I guess I am looking for what to import to create the scan for what I am looking for, or at least as much as is possible based on everything I described. The other information referenced is eluding me. It's ok. I know there is a premium grade to this site as well.
Omg. Wow. Thank you very very much. Kinda speechless here. I am eager to give this a test drive. Have a happy new year as well. I will update after weekend. Thanks again for getting me started out here.
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