Scan for cross of StdDevChannel upper or lower line


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Hello - I've been trying to get this scan to work and it consistently returns results that don't seem right. It often appears to provide results on stocks that cross either the upper OR lower line.

I'm looking to get a scan result (alert) on stocks that cross the 1st line in the Standard Deviation Channel within a short time frame (like 5 to 15 min).

Here's what I have for "upper":
close crosses above StandardDevChannel("deviations" = 1.0)."UpperLine"
Aggregation: D

Here's what I have for "lower":
close crosses below StandardDevChannel("deviations" = 1.0)."LowerLine"
Aggregation: D

Additionally, I have no idea what the "offset" settings are used for. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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